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Myler Bits USA

I cannot say enough about the Mylers.  They personally helped us with 4 of our horses.  I can honestly report that they worked a miracle with 2 of them, and definately improved results with the other 2.  They encourage anyone to call them at their USA custom shop.  They have a program to bit a horse literally over the phone by discussing your horse with you.  You will very likely be referred to either Ron, Dale or Bob.  Do not hesitate to call them - especially if your horse is showing any signs of bit evasion.  It makes their day to help you and your equine partner.

All English Tack
    My name is Annette Gavin & I own a company that specializes in custom fitting all types of competition equipment for the serious rider.  I am the distributor for a very special bit company, NeuSchule, that offers semi-custom bitting & problem solving for competition horses.  BITTING FOR COMFORT AND CONTROL is the basis of the concept and to this end, they have developed a range of bits that fit from the small pony to the very large warmblood.  I welcome any inquiries, and look forward to discussing your bitting needs.

Reinsman Equestrian Products
    Reinsman will make any of their styles in any custom size.USA. 

Stormy May
    She produces the DVD: Understanding Bits with Stormy May. This is a wonderful resource about bits. 

Shine-a-Bit Farm
    This is Mari Monda Zdunics website.  She is continuing the work of Chuck Grant, the Father of American Dressage, at Shine-a-Bit farm in Brighton, Michigan.


Warming the bit in cold weather isn't just a nice thing to do for your horse, it is a necessity!  And what a great gift idea.  Check them out.

western saddle guide website
    A complete resource for western saddles and accessories including information on used saddles, saddle types, saddle parts, saddle fit, saddle care and saddle accessories.

Made in the U.S.A.

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