BitFit - Equine Mouth Measurement ToolBitFit - Equine Mouth Measurement Tool

The Original BitFit® is designed to be used either left or right handed.  It can be used with or without an "over the poll" attachment.  To use it like a headstall, simply tie a cord around the handle at one end and the measurement bar outside the adjustment knob at the other end, and place it over the poll (Be sure to adjust the cord so that The Original BitFit® is in the proper bit location).

As with any new tool, it may take a few uses to get the "feel" of using The Original BitFit®.  We suggest measuring your horse a couple of times to make sure you are getting the correct measurement.  Following are the instructions as they appear on the packaging:

Instructional Video

Step 1
Set The Original BitFit® to a large enough setting to slide into the horse's mouth like a bit.  Many horses like the feel of the textured plastic on their tongues, so they may chew for a period of time.

Step 2

When the horse stands quietly, put The Original BitFit® in the normal bit location (Most experts recommend 1 or 2 wrinkles at the edge of the mouth).

Step 3
Hold the fixed end gently against either side of the mouth while turning the round adjustment knob until it touches the mouth on the other side (Do not let The Original BitFit® slide out of the bit location. You will get a very accurate measurement as long as The Original BitFit® stays in the proper bit location).

Step 4
Slide The Original BitFit® out, rinse it off and read the measurement in either inches or centimeters.

Step 5
When shopping for a bit, be sure to measure the bit before purchasing as bit measurements may differ slightly between brands.  Depending on the bit style, the size of the bit purchased should be 1/8" to 1/2" larger than the mouth measurement.

Made in the U.S.A.

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