BitFit - Equine Mouth Measurement ToolBitFit - Equine Mouth Measurement Tool

With a lifetime of manufacturing and distribution experience, Kim and Dan Newell developed The Original BitFit®. after the frustrating and expensive search for the correct sized bit for their daughter's dressage horse. Dressage bits come in a dizzying array of sizes, remembers Newell.  This is great, except that we had no way to determine which was the correct size. We tried everything you can imagine string, wooden dowels' but nothing worked. 

This revelation led to the development of The Original BitFit.Newell asked the experts, including veterinarians, equine dentists, and custom bit manufacturers, for their help. The result is an easy-to use device that allows for accurate measurement of the horse's mouth. 

The Original BitFit. is a molded, textured plastic measuring tool that can be placed in the horse's mouth. Simply turn the round adjustment knob and you can quickly determine, in either inches or centimeters, your horse's mouth size. Made from high quality, non-toxic plastic, the textured mouthpiece encourages the horse to relax his jaw, making the job quick and simple. The Original BitFit is made in the U.S.A. 

The Newells have successfully owned and operated a tool and die company for more than a decade and bring more than 30 years of manufacturing and worldwide distribution experience to Newell Products LLC and The Original BitFit.The Newells enjoy the country life and spend lots of time as a family with their pets.  Their horse passion has involved them in 4H, trail riding, reining, and dressage. 


Made in the U.S.A.

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